In a world in which the Cuban Missiles Crisis went disastrously wrong and the ‘swinging sixties’ never happened on New Year’s Day 1966 the United States finds itself suddenly under attack and plunged into a Second Civil War.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans have died in an orgy of violence, as great cities burn and the nightmare legions of the Kingdom of the End of Days erupt from the ruins of Wisconsin over-running the weakened ‘tripwire’ garrisons along the borders, the whole Midwest is suddenly transformed into a hellish battleground threatening to split the Union asunder.

‘It seemed in those terrible days that God had deserted the nation…’

These were not times to try men’s souls; these were times in which to despair. The legacy of the October War has not been peace but war and now that war is threatening to tear the United States apart.

But sometimes it is only the utmost adversity that allows a nation to rediscover its manifest destiny. When in the middle of a winter storm the merciless rebel hordes cross the Mississippi to infest Minnesota, Iowa and Missouri, and run riot in Illinois, Indiana and Michigan, and the contagion of rebellion seems unstoppable the American dream lies in ruins.

The consequences of the pyrrhic victory of October 1962 have come home to roost; the United States is at the crossroads, standing at the edge of the abyss.

Is this the end of a dream or a time for heroes to stride hallowed grounds desecrated by rebels and traitors?