Timeline 10/27/62

A world in which the swinging sixties did not happen!

The Timeline 10/27/62 Saga:

17 books across three inter-related series with almost two million words to date and at least 11 more books to come.

Never has an alternative history been more engaging.

Why Timeline 10/27/62? Because that date is a very significant date in my life and in the lives of everybody else in the world alive today because on Saturday 27th October 1962 World War III almost started. World War III probably wouldn’t have lasted very long because one side would have been swiftly obliterated in the first 24 hours of a cataclysm that would have left vast tracts of the Northern Hemisphere uninhabited and uninhabitable for decades to come. Perhaps, a quarter of the world’s population would have died in the firestorm or in the starvation and the plagues that would have ensued in the following weeks and months.

In the real world a Soviet submarine captain was talked out of firing a nuclear-tipped torpedo at a US destroyer; and twenty-four hours later both the US and the Soviet Union had stepped back from the brink. But in the Timeline 10/27/62 world that torpedo explodes under the keel of the USS Beale and everything changes…

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