The World Cup of 1966 was forever to be remembered in legend as the time when ‘football in the ruins’ triumphed, albeit briefly, over the madness and mendacity of the princes who had wrecked the northern hemisphere that day in October 1962.

Sport is subtext, emotions, highs and lows of delight and despair and football has been so successful because within its cut and thrust, blood and thunder lie tantalising subtlety, courage and possibilities that constantly astonish even the oldest of journalistic hacks, this author included.

So, live again the heady days of July 1966 when a nation finally began to throw off the nightmare of the October War; when after three years and over eight months of grief, hunger and unwanted foreign wars it rediscovered anew its true heart and voice.

This is a FOOTBALL BOOK set in a world in which the swinging sixties did not happen because the Cuban Missiles Crisis went horribly wrong in October 1962.

This then is the TIMELINE 10/27/62 story of Football in the Ruins – the World Cup of 1966!