‘The Great Society’ is the third verse of the American story of Armageddon. To its friends and enemies alike the United States seems to have emerged from the October War battered, bruised but invincible. However, thirteen months after the cataclysm terrible wounds remain unhealed and the nation of liberty is riven by conflict. The United States is a country desperately looking to re-find its way; to re-discover its sense of nationhood and purpose. What has happened to the American Dream; is the destiny of the land of the free still manifest?

In Washington DC there had been an uprising; it is too soon to know if the attack on the Capitol is a coup d’état, a popular uprising or simply a massive terroristic assault on the seat of American democracy and government.

What price unity when the war-ravaged states of the American North West and the Great Lakes already feel like battlegrounds in the next war?

Across the West while incumbent Mayors and Governors are asking themselves how they will fend off the deafening clamour of ‘states rights’ movements; the Federal government is struggling to unpick the chaos of a failed coup d’état.

The search is on for the traitors who even now still threaten the Union and the recriminations are just beginning.

What price the Great Society?